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  • 8144062711
    By: John doe Posted

    Emailed me from a unusual address and asked need to call or text this number to chat. When I did I was asked to give money

  • 2629238117
    By: cccccccccccc Posted


  • 7122021337
    By: ivosibmub Posted

    I also received a call from this number from Vicki Sanders of Chadwick Roth & Associates. She states I did not pay back a payday loan. I have never in my life received a payday loan. She does know my full name and an old address but whenever I ask for more information she hangs up on me. I have now blocked her number but I’m sure shortly one of the other numbers from this scam will start calling. I’m pretty sure they are trying to get you to pay your “unpaid loans” to avoid “further action from the state.” Do not give these people any personal information. If you feel they are legit please contact an attorney.

  • 4253205044
    By: afrbibhf Posted

    they were able to phish my utility account number from me before they hung up. i am sooo stupid to give it to them.

  • 6122590130
    By: osovrpote Posted

    Caller ID shows this number called today, but left no message. From looking on other sites, I get the impression that this is a Univ of MN Alumni group looking for money. Since I am a grad of UofM that makes sense.

  • 7632193012
    By: sbolfaliso Posted

    No question but merely a comment that identifies itself as a robo IRS call letting me know our family was under investigation. LOL

  • 4153252444
    By: ifpsirflepkd Posted

    We recieved a call at our work and they said they were with MTS and that they were going to give us lower rates but we needed to answer a bunch of questions and they had to bring someone else on the line with them to answer questions and we had to say yes or no and give some personal information. My boss thought it was a scam so he called MTS and he said theres nothing like that going on and they would not conduct business that way. So my boss told them to call back. When they called back and asked for my boss I said one moment I'll transfer you and I put them through to our police non emergency line lol.

  • 8055508760
    By: ehpvatukblki Posted

    Picked up phone and there was silence on the other end.

  • 4177204730
    By: hrigvufat Posted

    These bozos are bad people or they would respect the DNC list. Never deal with bad companies. Blocked.

  • 8162932148
    By: alekene Posted

    Received call from 816-293-2148. Came up on ID as NONE". Cant these scumbags come up with something better than NONE. Second # that came up NONE. That other # is 856-712-3171 Probably can't speak english Thank goodness for call block"

  • 5702930092
    By: odibpotg Posted

    I have been answering all phone calls lately, so that I can ask to be removed.The caller said that he had the wrong number, apologized and ended the call.I assume if it was PPL (or a scam) that they would have at least attempted to talk, or to ask for someone - not just apologize and go away.

  • 6027530908
    By: ztormdkdu Posted

    I keep getting the same call, I have no idea who they are but when I call back I get a message to call a 1-877 number

  • 7027101507
    By: ivdahbe Posted

    Answered phone but didn't say a word. It was a recording from Claire with Health Care Administrators. When they didn't hear any words from me, they hung up.

  • 9082093527
    By: emefbgut Posted

    Trying to find out who calls from 908-209-3527.

  • 6826284102
    By: lnmkmavz Posted

    Caller ID said Alvarado, TX. Left no message.

  • 3605296901
    By: evihobpev Posted

    Came up on caller ID as YAHOO"."

  • 4237586664
    By: hipengs Posted

    No message and caller ID displays unavailable. That makes me unavailable too.

  • 3476502129
    By: dumfbofteg Posted

    Rand once then stopped. If I don't the number I don't answer. You should do the same. Scam or telemarketer most likely.

  • 7022229000
    By: gbodtilaz Posted

    I think I've commented here before. Even though I've taken the steps to stop calls from this number they continue. Sad. Big Brothers, Big Sisters" may be a good and legit organisation. I don't know. But if and when a charity resorts to spam-telephoning it's crossing the line from "charitable" to "bothersome" (perhaps illegally). Because of the calls I've received, and the posts I've read on 800notes, I'll never donate to BBBS."

  • 2026448571
    By: ibimdufurg Posted

    Called my cell just now, I didn't answer, they didn't leave a message. Saw the area code and assumed it was a scam call, looks like I was right. Spammers and scammers can eat flaming death.

  • 2146461267
    By: irnohobt Posted

    I made the mistake of answering, but not before looking at 800notes and finding no listing - THEY HUNG UP so, I'm sure it's the idiots that makes calls all day then, hangs up

  • 2064456131
    By: agvehgvhufb Posted

    Continues to call but leaves no message.

  • 5109279936
    By: uznsfdekvfun Posted

    They called me at 12:30 AM!!!!! LMFAO what a scam. do not answer and just block them.

  • 3199847583
    By: sdkgagdul Posted

    txt asking if item is still available. CL post states NO txt. SCAM.

  • 3158165659
    By: uvkzrzodidu Posted

    IRS scam call

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